Antique Pelouze Postal Scale

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Available for pick up at the Visitor Center in June

The Pelouze Scale & Manufacturing Company was founded in 1894 by William Nelson Pelouze, who—at the age of 29—was already a man of significant stature in Chicago society, hailing from one of the more esteemed military families in the country. William had developed an interest in postal scales while working for Chicago’s Tobey Furniture Company, and in 1894, he was ready to go solo with the idea. After a brief detour to serve in the Spanish-American War in 1898, W.N. Pelouze returned to Chicago and quickly guided his scale company to major international success. In 1901, Pelouze moved his business from its stuffy first location at 135 S. Clinton Street to bigger digs at 118-132 West Jackson Blvd. The popular response to the original Pelouze postal scales eventually inspired expansion into family scales, dairy scales, confectionary scales, and other varieties. In 1916, Pelouze commissioned a new office building to be built directly beside one of his main factory locations at 232 E. Ohio Street in the Streeterville neighborhood. The new facility, designed by Alfred S. Alschuler, was built to function as a potential factory space itself, with high ceilings, freight elevators, thick floors, etc. But Pelouze decided to use the building as a public space—for offices, studios, and large residential units. Within a few years, the Pelouze Building at 230 E. Ohio Street had set a new trend for architecture in the area, perhaps even marking the point where “industrial” transitioned from a purely functional style to an aesthetic one. Both the 232 and 230 Pelouze buildings on East Ohio Street are, amazingly enough, still standing as historical landmarks today. The Pelouze brand carries on to this to this day, under the ownership of Rubbermaid.

This antique Pelouze scale has a tattered label on the underside with the original Clinton Street address, so it would seem that it predates the 1901 move to West Jackson Blvd, making this item at least 118 years old or more! Featuring a unique tile top and what appears to be a brass face, this is a rare model that we have never seen before. The scale has certainly seen better days in regards to its appearance, but it is still in working order, and we think the chippy white and green paint only add to its charm. A great gift for collectors of vintage and antique scales.

Materials: Metal
Finish: Brass, Off White, Green, Rust
Approximate Dimensions: 9.25"H x 6"W x 8.5"D
Condition: This item is in vintage condition and is being sold as as-is. Please review photos for specifics. This item is currently in working condition, but no guarantees are provided on the future life of the piece.

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