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Ballantine Double-Sided Beer Coasters, Set of 4

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Available for pick up at the Visitor Center in June

Ballantine's Brewery was founded in 1840 in Newark, New Jersey by Peter Ballantine, a Scottish emigrant. His three sons joined the business, and in 1857 the company was renamed P. Ballantine and Sons. By 1879, it had become the sixth largest brewery in the US, almost twice as large as Anheuser-Busch. During prohibition, the company was forced to consolidate, and they manufactured malt syrup to stay in business. The Ballantine family continued to own the brewing company all throughout prohibition; but by the time the 21st amendment was passed in 1933, they were ready to sell, and the Ballantine company was acquired by two brothers, Carl and Otto Badenhausen. The Badenhausens grew the brand through its most successful period of the 1940s and 1950s, primarily through clever advertising. Ballantine Beer was the first television sponsor of the New York Yankees. It was during this period that the brand was elevated to the number three beer in the U.S. It was also during this period that the company grew into one of the largest privately held corporations in the United States. Ballantine Beer enjoyed a high level of success into the early 1960s, however, by the mid-sixties, the brand began losing popularity and the company went into decline. Despite advertising efforts to revive the company, the owners agreed to sell the brand, the company, and all their assets to the Falstaff Brewing Corporation in 1972 and the original Newark brewery was closed.

These vintage double-sided beer coasters, sold in sets of four, are a great reminder of times-gone-by and are perfect for use even today. One side is printed in red and reads, "Ballantine Premium - A Very Special Glass of Beer." The reverse side is printed in green and reads, "Ballantine Ale - For A Taste You Can Feel."

Materials: Paper Cardstock

Finish: Off White, Red, Green

Dimensions: 3.5" Square

Condition: This item is in vintage condition and is being sold as as-is. Due to age, please expect some discoloration on the edges of the coasters. Multiples of this item may be available, so actual product received may vary slightly from photos.

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