Black River Farms WarDog Spirits Collection

Contact Black River Farms and use the code HBMS2020 to place your order: 484-935-1011

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Enjoy spirits from the Black River Farms' WarDog collection with your Rooms to View Virtual Outdoor Rooms & Garden Tour experience! Black River Farms will generously donate a portion of this sale to HBMS when you use the code HBMS2020 when placing your order!

  • Vodka - $33.33: Distilled from Black River Farms-grown (or PA-grown) Chambourcin grapes
  • PA Moonshine - $29.99: Locally sourced grain. Strong and smooth Southern Recipe
  • Duncan - $48.99: Single Malt, small batched
  • Gin 91 - $29.99: Simple Recipe, Genever-style gin dating back to the 1500s. Bold taste of juniper berry with a hint of citrus.
  • Black River Bourdon - $34.99: Old Fashioned Bourbon. Locally grown grain. Hand-crafted, small batches.
  • Apple Pie Moonshine - $28.99: Tastes like Grandma’s apple pie - sweet and smooth. Locally grown apples and cider.
  • Rio Negro - $29.99: Made from 100% Blue Agave
  • Spiced Rum - $28.99: Caribbean-style rum with hints of peppercorn and vanilla on the nose. 

Call Black River Farms at 484-935-1011 and use the code HBMS2020 to place your order!