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Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites works to preserve and share 20 historic structures, two National Historic Landmarks, 60,000+ artifacts, Historic Moravian Bethlehem - a National Historic Landmark District shortlisted to the World Heritage List, and three centuries of local history with the public.

Above is a view of the Hill to Hill Bridge taken on July 25, 1924 during final stages of construction, looking northeast from the Lehigh Valley Rail Road Offices. Visible are the railroad trestle over the Lehigh River, homes in West Bethlehem, the Broad Street Bridge, Hotel Bethlehem, the belfry of the Central Moravian Church and homes in the northeast section of Bethlehem.

This photo was donated to HBMS from Bethlehem Steel Corporation and was featured in the Bethlehem Back When exhibit.

We are able to share photos like these through the generosity of donors. We hope you will consider becoming one of these generous individuals in this unprecedented time.

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