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Goundie House Market

The 1810 Goundie House represents the entrepreneurial legacy of Johann Sebastian Goundie. Goundie's influence as a brewer and a businessman spanned beyond Bethlehem and into the greater Lehigh Valley.

After Johann Sebastian Goundie's death in the 1850s, the house was sold and over the years became home to many businesses including doctor's offices, real estate offices, artists' studios, insurance offices, shoe repair shops, travel agencies, and cafes.

The 1810 Goundie House Market is an extension of our Visitor Center and Museum Store inviting local businesses to partake in this legacy, while also supporting HBMS's mission to preserve and share Bethlehem's history. Through pop-up shops, talks, demonstrations and programs, the Goundie House becomes a collaborative, engaging space for entrepreneurs while honoring the history of the building and its namesake.

Additional space in the market is available, please contact Lindsey Jancay, 610.882.0450 ext. 63.