HBMS Soy Candle

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  • Bayberry: Balsam, berry notes, and holiday spice blend together to remind you of holidays past
  • Burnside Greens: Fresh Wintry Balsam Pine and Lightly Spiced Cranberry. Surprisingly pleasant and refreshing, puts an exciting new twist on pine!
  • Moravian Christmas: A sweet citrus, cinnamon and clove blend. This warm holiday scent reminds you of goodies baking in the kitchen, and a little hint of Christmas tree
  • Spiced Cranberry: Crisp, tart cranberry and spices combine for the perfect wintry scent
  • Burnside Herbs: Basil, Sage, and Mint combine beautifully to make a surprisingly wonderful fragrance.
  • May's Summer Scent: A blend of sweet florals
  • Annie's Victorian Garden: Notes of bold lily flower mingle with shimmering accords of pleasant freesia and classic rose.
  • Moravian Orchard: Transport yourself to the Orchard with notes of crisp, juicy Macintosh apples
  • Apothecary Peaceful Garden: A blend of eucalyptus and spearmint. Wonderful to use for stress relief