Mor. S. Cake Mysteries

Charlene D. Mowers & Carol Reifinger

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Available for pick up at the Visitor Center in June
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Moravian Sugar Cake Mysteries tells the epic saga of two Moravian families in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, drawn together through the generations by their own dark histories, a dollhouse, and a sugar cake. A valuable dollhouse from the mid-1800s appears unannounced on the porch of the historic Kemerer Museum. A cryptic note hints of poisoned sugar cake. The iconic belfry clock atop Central Church mysteriously stops. Two families search for the truth to their painful past. Once again, two accidental crime solvers, Mitzi and Adele, become embroiled in an adventure to piece together shredded clues in a mysterious dollhouse: the hidden evidence of a deadly sugar cake.

Autographed by the authors, Charlene Donchez Mowers and Carol Reifinger.

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