Ports of Call Cocktail Stirrer

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Available for pick up at the Visitor Center in June

Great gift for Father's Day or a Bachelor Party favor. Or add a vintage kick to your next backyard BBQ. In excellent vintage condition.

6 3/8 inch blue plastic cocktail stirrer advertising, "PORTS OF CALL."

The blue swizzle stick features a buxom mermaid sitting atop a sailor's lap. The sailor has a parrot on his shoulder and sits on a barrel.

Listing is for 1 stirrer, but several (>20) are available. Though the design is the same on all stirrers, some appear to have been printed at different times and as such there may be some color variation between stirrers. If you are ordering multiples, we will do our best to group items that are as consistent with one another as possible, but be advised there may be some slight differences.

If there is no add-to-cart or preorder option, then this item is sold out.