Shoeless Joe, the Babe and the Highly Unlikely 1918 Bethlehem Steel League

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Created in 1917 to entertain its workforce, the Bethlehem Steel Baseball League’s rosters were initially filled by factory workers, but in 1918, Bethlehem Steel executives hired professional scouts and managers to recruit big-time talent like Babe Ruth, Eddie Plank, and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson! On Thursday, October 20th, learn more about the highly unlikely 1918 Bethlehem Steel League from baseball expert Geoff Gehman!

Geoff Gehman is a former pitcher who wrote about arts and sports for The Morning Call from 1984 to 2009. He is the author of five books, including the memoir "The Kingdom of the Kid: Growing Up in the Long-Lost Hamptons," which contains a chapter about Carl Yastrzemski, the Boston Red Sox hall of famer. He lives in a South Side building built as a mansion by a Bethlehem Steel mogul.