Side/The Other Side - Design after Dark

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January 2022

Side/The Other Side is a program of experimental film and video art curated by Ghen Dennis that investigates how people negotiate design systems - both as autonomous individuals and as collective social forces. The selected works will address design systems of the social world - citizenship, language, power and ideology - with design systems related to architecture, photography and surveillance, costume and performance, objects and tools, and public/private space.

Questions the selected works will ask include: What do we assume about the functions of objects and machines, and space and place, as we move about our individual and collective worlds?; How can we reconcile that what we feel may not reflect what we see?; and, How does design teach us not to make assumptions?

The selected films and videos will approach these topics and questions with both a poetic and a “socio-scientific” methodology. Artists considered for the program and talk include: Harun Farocki; Kevin Jerome Everson; Paul Chan; Rachel Whiteread; Ana Mendieta; Sondra Perry; Hito Steyerl, Mandy Morrison and Harry Dodge.


Ghen Dennis

Ghen Dennis is an experimental filmmaker, curator and teacher. Her work investigates the ways we understand power structures, collective narratives, and the role information technology plays in both. Most of her artistic, curatorial and pedagogical work focuses on a consideration of an ethics of media representation within the politics and public perceptions of conflict and disaster. (She moonlights as a videographer for independent documentary filmmakers and a United Nations affiliated trauma NGO.)

Ghen's work has shown at Issue Project Room, Ocularis, Anthology Film Archives, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, the Chicago Underground Film Festival, the San Francisco Cinematheque, the Allentown Art Museum and Lafayette College. She has curated film programs for The NYC Filmmaker’s Cooperative, Squeaky Wheel, Iowa University Department of Middle East Studies, The Robert Beck Memorial Cinema and Brick and Mortar Gallery.

Ghen Dennis is an Adjunct Professor of Global Communication and Media Studies at Ramapo College and is the Artistic Director of the New York State Summer School for Media Arts. She holds an MFA in Integrated Media Arts from Hunter College and received her BFA in Media Studies from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She lives in Easton.