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Vintage Fountain of Youth Shot Glass

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Available for pick up at the Visitor Center in June

Whether you're a collector, looking for a memento from a special trip, or just like to drink (we don't judge!)...vintage shot glasses are a great way to add a little retro kitsch to your home bar.

This vintage shot glass is a souvenir from the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park in St. Augustine, Florida. Located along Hospital Creek, the park has been touted as the likely 1513 Florida landing site of Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, although no evidence has been found to substantiate this claim. The park contains a well claimed to be the freshwater source referred to by Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas in his "Historia general de los hechos de los castellanos en las Islas y Tierra Firme del mar Océano" and supposedly sought by Ponce de Leon, but there is no supporting evidence. 

Materials: Glass

Finish: Clear, Red

Approximate Dimensions: 2.5"H x 2"Round

Condition: This item is in vintage condition and is being sold as as-is.

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